Player persona

Different ways of classifying players and their motivations / long-term behavior

What's a player persona?

A player persona is a player's long term pattern of behavior and overall motivation for playing a game.

Classifying players under various personas / categories can help you study players and interpret playtest data.

In reality, players are never just one category. People are a complex combination of all these motivations and more.

Nonetheless, this reductive simplicity can be useful for making design decisions and imagining your audience. Ideally, every level can satisfy every persona.

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Play style vs player persona

Huizinga's game of politics

  • Player

  • Cheater

  • Spoil-Sport

Bartle's "gamer psychology"

The 1996 Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology was one of the earliest attempts to classify video game players. Bartle was studying player behavior in early text-based MMOs called MUDs, and sorted all these MUD players into four general categories:

  • achievers want to score the most points, maximize game progress

  • explorers want to discover new places or systems, map-out the game space

  • killers focus on PvP / competitive conflict with other players, sometimes unfairly

  • socializers focus on cooperation with other players, roleplaying and fan culture

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